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What people are saying about Group B


London Property Services

The service you guys have been providing to date has been really good and I’m hearing lots of positive feedback from all the team here. 

February 2018


Rai Developments Ltd

We've been trading with Group B for a number of years; one could say our companies we grew up together. Group B have always provided us with excellent service. Being our main supplier of electrical materials and light fittings they proved they are unbeatable in terms of pricing and lead times. We developed a close relationship with the Group B team, all queries are answered and orders processed with no time wasted. It's good to be in business with someone as reliable as Group B. 

January 2017


Stella Rossa Contractors Ltd (Maria & Zuzana)

Group B have been providing us with an amazing service for a number of years now and are a tremendous contributor to the success of our company. Their professionalism and support are incredible and we are very grateful for having Dean, Matt and his team work with us. With staff that are honest, reliable, responsive and personable - they always ensure the promised delivery deadlines are met; and all this at an excellent value.

It is great to have partners who are able to provide expert advice at all times - Tom is very knowledgeable and always very fast to respond. Their help with delivering a great service to our clients is incalculable.

March 2017


Evolution (Paul Rogan)

Fantastic, knowledgeable service from all the staff, they’re very efficient with the deliveries and have a great range of products. The best electrical wholesaler I've dealt with. Highly recommend to all those in the business.

April 2017

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