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Our Fire, Security and Emergency section offers a solution for every need, giving customers peace of mind.

Group B Electrical supply a range of carbon monoxide alarms, fire and smoke alarms, CCTV systems, Conventional Alarm Systems, doorbells and chimes, door entry systems, security alarms and emergency lighting. 

Fire, Security & Emergency

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View Category Conventional Alarm Systems
Our Conventional alarm section includes detectors, sounders, bells, beacons call points and fire alarm panels
View Category CO, Fire & Smoke Alarms
Battery & mains powered carbon monoxide, fire and smoke alarms / detectors available from Group B online
View Category Emergency Lighting
Our Emergency Lighting range includes Bulkheads, 2D, Spot Lights & more, meeting the current regulations
View Category Security Lighting
A range of economical, powerful and effective Security Lighting solutions.
View Category Doorbells & Chimes
Bell pushes, door chimes, buzzers and doorbell kits available from Group B - wireless and wired
View Category Door Entry Systems
Home / Building door entry control systems available from Group B Electrical to suit all needs
View Category Security Alarms
Commercial and residential superior security alarms to suit all needs, giving customers peace of mind
View Category Disabled Toilet Alarms
All our Disabled Toilet Alarms are easy to use and allow troubled users to call for assistance in an emergency
View Category Fire Hood
Fire Hood