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Delta Dore

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TYDOM 1.0 Home application for Delta Dore connected items


  • Intuitive management with inclusion of room photo mode
  • Solution that evolves with the connected Delta Dore ecosystem
  • Free secure application with no fees
  • Simple to install: IP channel to connect directly to the internet box
  • Wifi communication with all compatible Delta Dore products (TYBOX, CALYBOX, TYXIA, TYXAL)


  • The TYDOM application allows a smartphone or tablet to locally or remotely control items around your home, including heating, roller shutters, lighting, alarms, etc
  • The application can be personalised with a library of icons or with actual photos of the rooms
  • A range of possibilities:
  • Adjust house temperature (with 32 heat sensors divided over 8 areas)
  • Centralised lighting control, creating lighting moods (32 sensors)
  • Control position of roller shutters and blackout blinds (32 channels)
  • Control and view the status of your Tyxal+ alarm - Control numerous automatic processes (gate, garage door, motors, sprinklers?) (32 channels)
  • Create up to 16 scenarios to simplify daily activities (e.g. Leaving the house: all lights turn off, shutters close and alarm is activated)
  • Detailed daily consumption display (heating, hot and cold water, gas, electricity) and history log per day/week/month/year
  • Reports for main control settings (house temperature, alarm active, etc.)
  • Multi-site management: up to 10 domestic gateways managed remotely


  • Contents of the pack:
  • 1 TYDOM 1.0 box
  • 1 power lead
  • 1 RJ45 cable to connect to the internet box
  • 230 V feed - Controller:
  • 32 lighting and dimming channels
  • 16 scenario channels
  • 32 channels for motorised roller shutters and blackout blinds
  • 32 channels for automatic devices
  • 32 heating sensors
  • Radio frequency: 868 MHz
  • Radio range: up to 300 metres of open space
  • 14 languages available
  • Dimensions: H 90 x L 162 x D 48 mm
  • Application can be downloaded for Android 2.3.3 and IOS 5.1 and later versions

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