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TYXIA 500 2-WAY SWITCH KIT (6351173)

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TYXIA 500 Lighting micromodules pack, wireless two-way switching - switch with neutral


  • Ideal for creating control for new indoor or outdoor lighting
  • compatible with all types of lighting (LED, compact fluorescent, halogen, etc.)
  • no messy work to be done, thanks to the use of wireless technology
  • allows existing model switches to be retained


Complete pack for producing two-way control on a lighting circuit from an existing switch without pulling extra cables

  • Installation on an existing switch with a neutral input

Contents of the TYXIA 500 Pack:

  • 1 TYXIA 2610 micromodule transmitter
  • 1 TYXIA 4610 micromodule receiver


TYXIA 2610 transmitter

  • Two control channels
  • Three pre-wired cables for connection to the single or double switch with local control
  • Installation in a flush box behind a single or double switch
  • Power supply: CR2032 lithium battery (supplied)
  • Battery life: 3 years
  • Dimensions: H 40 x L 40 x D 11.2 mm

TYXIA 4610 receiver

  • 1 control channel for all types of lighting
  • 230V phase and neutral supply
  • 1 230V powered On/Off output
  • 2 pre-wired cables for connection to the switch with local control
  • Installation in a flush box:
  • behind a switch
  • in a suspended ceiling
  • in a lighting connection or sealed box
  • Dimensions: H 45 x L 36 x D 23 mm

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